Natural Flavor of Matka Kulfi

Our malai milk and matka flavoured kulfi the taste of nature, Matka packaged Kulfi products are available in various investment methods, including recurring costs such as rent and you can choose your place and time of sale each day. While businesses demand huge investment, we accept franchisees of even a single outlet. Franchise licensing is provided for those with minimum requirements of a tricycle, auto rickshaw or a Maruti Omni Van or other cars. Our easy to install mobile outlets, besides Kiosks and Stalls, ease out franchise requirements. When roadside Kulfi is not parted with by people of any age, Dreams Matka Kulfi, available in mobile outlets, is hygienic, yummy and full of delicious quality.

Become a dealer, distributor for our dreams kulfi's matka kulfi and Stick kulfi products, our matka kulfi available in 8 variants


Dreams Classic

Flavours are made from rich dry fruits so it goes until the last bite, with your taste buds having more delight.


Dreams Signature

More creamy flavours begins with all natural fruits and squish them in to our frozen master piece.


Dreams Peppy

This elegant version of chocolate with creamy flavours that you"ll ever might begin to wonder if there's magic involved.

  • Badam Pista

  • Butterscotch Rantasy

  • Choco Beauty

  • Kaju Malai

  • Loveable Strawberry

  • Mango Mood

  • Orange Punch

  • Real Saffran